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Financial Detox 

 price on application 

Do you find you have more month left than money? Not sure where everything seems to go? Do you find yourself being tempted by credit cards or loans just to make ends meet? If you can answer YES to any of those questions, you may find you could be helped by a MoneySavingMummy financial detox. Either online for free, or in the comfort of your home for just £10*, all you need to do is fill in a short form and a member of our team will give your money a makeover and tell you roughly how much we think you could be saving each month. Financial Detox quotes are NO OBLIGATION, and if you choose not to accept our help there will be no fee. If you wish to take us up, for a small fee, we will gather all the information you need to be able to start saving straight away. For more information, or to book us, email our team at moneysavingmummy@gmail.com now. 

CV and Job Finder service

CV improvement service from £25 

Job Finder Service just £20 for 4 weeks

Unemployment and redundancy can be a difficult and stressful time. Allow us to suck the stress out of it with our CV improvement and Job Finder services.

Our CV improvement service gets your 2 hours with one of our advisers, who will help you compile all the information required for a successful CV, and ask you about yourself in order to make the it reflect your personality and work ethic. After discussing any specific requirements, we will then take everything, and push it through the MoneySavingMummy CV mash-up machine, and email you the professional finished product within 72 hours of the appointment. 

Our tried and tested Job Finder service may be suitable for you if you are struggling to find work for whatever reason. For £20, covering you for 4 weeks, you will receive a personalised consultation, either online, via telephone, or in your own home, at which we will discuss your job requirements, your skillset and desired income. From the day after your appointment, we will contact you by email either daily, every 2 days, 3 times per week, or weekly with a digest of any new vacancies that may suit you, along with tips for applying, and things you could highlight to better sell yourself for the job. We will call you once per week whenever is most convenient for you for a catch up and find out if anything has changed. If we are not successful in the first 4 weeks, we can offer you another 4 weeks at just half the price, just £10! Contact us today at moneysavingmummy@gmail.com for more information or to arrange an appointment.