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Here at MoneySavingMummy we are all about one thing.... Saving you money! Using personal experience and up-to-date research of today's money saving and budgeting opportunities, we bring you everything you could want to help you reduce your outgoings and save where you can. From freebies, to financial detox, and back around to savvy shopping, find it all here!


One of our MoneySavingMummy's also offers a personalised financial detox for a small fee. This can include anything, from trailing through those horrible outgoings, to making the most of your income, and freeing up the 'cash-in-the-cupboard'. Contact Stephanie by email via moneysavingmummy@gmail.com to find out what she can do for you.


We also have an in-house crafts blogger. Read Elizabeth's blog postings to find out how to make-your-own everything, and save on shop-bought alternatives! She also makes her own items, check out her beautiful handmade items at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx

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Make Your Own And Save......Wedding Invitations!

03/06/2012 14:11
Hello MoneySavers! MoneySavingMummy Steph is getting married in September! That's right, just 15 weeks today, I'll be walking down the aisle in the most expensive dress I've ever worn, eating expensive food, drinking expensive drink and......breastfeeding, among other things. So far though,...

Lunchboxing is the new eating out

15/05/2012 14:30
Yesterday, I ran out of bread for the millionth time (where does it all go so fast??) so I figured I needed a trip to the supermarket. On checking the fridge, I realised I actually had very little food in for lunches this week. Normally when this happens, I am drawn into the 'naughty lunch' crew...