MoneySavingMummy Loves.....

13/06/2012 18:43

Hello Money Savers!

MoneySavingMummy has taken a little bit of time today to compile our favourite bargains! Everyone loves a bargain, and with our expert research, you can share in our love! So here it is, a breakdown of this week's best deals:

1) ASDA £1 Groceries

This little gem seems to come and go. I do most of my grocery shopping online, and separates out the £1 Groceries in their own special little list. It includes all kinds of things, from essentials, to something a little bit more special. Flora, Findus Crispy Pancakes, Goodfellas Pizza.... an assortment of cupboard fillers, to frozen favourites!

2) Oops!

Most supermarkets these days have what I call an 'oops' section! This is normally chilled items that expire that day, or things that have been slightly damaged/one missing etc. If you get there at the right time of day, you can land a total bargain! I have found that the best times to go are 20 minutes before closing on a sunday, and between 6 and 8 on weekdays. My favourite bargain ever was the new ASDA Cream Tea for One, retail price £2.50, I paid just 10p! I usually buy things that I can freeze, such as meat and ready meals to make it worth while. Sometimes you hit on, sometimes you don't, its purely luck!

3) Free Graze Box is a lovely company. Really! They deliver a selection of healthy 'grazing' snacks to you, wherever you want, as often as you want. Normally, boxes are around £3.79 per box (I get them delivered weekly when I'm working) and they have over 100 healthy snacks for you to rate and receive! My personal favourites are Summer Berry Flapjack, all the varieties of olives, and the new Guilt Free High Teas. Graze is currently offering a 'first box half price'....but because I am already signed up I can go one better. Here, have a free box on me. Just enter this code: KPK27XR.........and thank me later :)

4) Bonus Boots Advantage card points

Here is one I snaffled from my favourite MoneySaver.....Martin Lewis! Use Boots Treat Street to do your online shopping (get points back by shopping with over 100 retailers, and all you have to do is access it through treat street!) and enter promotional code WELCOME500 in the promo codes window to get yourself £5 worth of points, which will be ready on your card to spend in store within 35 days. Watch out though, it isn't valid on some retailers (iTunes to name one) so check first! Also, install the Treat Street toolbar, and keep it for 35 days to get an additional £1 worth of points to spend in store!

Thats all for today, but keep checking back as I update regularly.

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