Make Your Own And Save......Wedding Invitations!

03/06/2012 14:11

Hello MoneySavers!

MoneySavingMummy Steph is getting married in September! That's right, just 15 weeks today, I'll be walking down the aisle in the most expensive dress I've ever worn, eating expensive food, drinking expensive drink and......breastfeeding, among other things. So far though, everything is arranged and partially paid for. The only thing missing is......the guests. Yes, I am yet to invite anyone to the wedding. OOPS. It isn't all my fault though, since February, me and MSD have been shopping around for a reasonable stationer, and everyone we have approached wants in excess of £100 for our stationary. Thats daytime and evening invites, and place cards. The table plan comes in with our package, so its only the rest we need to arrange. It became apparent that it would be substantially cheaper to make our own, and since MSM Elizabeth is good at her crafts, and incidentally mother of the bride, they are guaranteed to look amazing too.

We sourced our resources locally from a craft shop on an industrial estate just a few miles from home, Craftsite. I browsed online first to see if what they offer is what I wanted, and found some lovely toppers and shiny things that would go nicely with my colour theme. Here is what I bought.

100 cards with a deckle edge, C6 size, including envelopes (I got more than I need to allow for mistakes, last minute additions etc)

2 packs of 'Wedding Invitation' stickers

3 packs of 'Evening Invitation' stickers

3 packs of 5 sheets of pink pearlescent/glitter paper

50 wedding cake card toppers, decorated with synthetic pearls

2 packs of shiny white ribbons

2 packs of pearlescent white/pink butterflies

2 packs of 'glue dots'

15m of silver cord

Because we sourced it from where we did, we have undercut many other websites and suppliers, both stationary/craft wholesalers and printing companies! We have estimated that we can make around 50 invitations from this, and although we may need a few more little bits and pieces (cord, cake card toppers, glue dots), our current cost to ourselves is just £45.30! Thats LESS THAN HALF what the big companies wanted to charge us, for what were (mostly) very basic printed cards! We have designed wording for the insides of the cards, we just need to print them, but we have plenty of paper and ink in the printer. We estimate that all we will need now is a maximum £5-10 of other bits just to finish them off incase we have under-estimated ourselves. I'll follow this blog with a picture just as soon as the first invitation is made! MSM Elizabeth may just even write us an illustrated How-To Guide so you can make your own!

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