I LOVE My New Nectar Card

18/05/2012 18:07

I find myself asking 'why do so many people have all these loyalty cards?'....that included the Nectar card. I see people every day and their wallets or purses are bulging with millions of wacky cards (my darling hubby-to-be included) and it has always made me wonder why people need them all!

If I hadn't seen that Sainsbury's baby club has a freebie that requires you to have a Nectar card, I daresay I wouldn't have ever bothered to get one. But I love my free stuff so I sent off for one, and today I arrived home to find it on my doormat. It came with a little leaflet welcoming me, and some coupons (mmmmm coupons :D) so I had a bit read, and I have now decided I have fallen in love.

Just reading the literature, I am eligible for hundreds of points, just by being a customer at my existing gas and electricity supplier, British Gas. If I download the free toolbar and use it to search, I collect upto 50points per month (and there is a double points offer until the end of this month!). And just from going through the Nectar website, I have found there are over 100 online retailers and shops that I already use, that I can get Nectar points from, and even more that I don't use that I might use now just to collect my points (Sainsbury, Homebase, online with Amazon, Debenhams, Argos, Next, WeightWatchers....). There is literally somewhere for everyone to collect points. Its like the loyalty card that fits everyone.

And just to make me extra happy, I realised that Ford do Nectar too, so I can get Nectar points on my upcoming service!

It would be fantastic just to build them up over the course of the year, so they can contribute towards Christmas presents and the like. Although the points aren't worth a spectacular amount (500 points = £2.50), every little bit helps towards a saving somewhere. And, there are always offers on with different places, such as double/triple points, bonus points for signing up to a product or service.

My favourite coupon I got today was the 1,000 bonus points for signing up to a LoveFilm free trial. So hang on, I get a FREE TRIAL, and FREE £5.00 in Nectar points? That's my next thing on the 'to-do' list!

I <3 my nectar card, its official! Everyone go out and get one. Now.