Get Coupon Savvy......and Save!

16/05/2012 20:01

Coupon clipping has a stigma attached to it. People used to think that people who clip coupons are poor elderly women shuffling around with a zimmer frame. Yes, some people are. But it is becoming more and more popular among younger generations, purely because it is the quickest way to save a bit of money. AND, coupons aren't just on paper anymore either. Online voucher codes are the new equivalent storming out computers, because let's face it, most people have access to the internet now!

Coupons can be found everywhere. Companies want you to buy their product, and so they lure you in with money off purchase, free gift with purchase, discounted delivery and various other incentives to make you want what they have. Surveys also carry coupon incentives now, so you need to be vigilant to pick up all the best offers!

Where can you find them?

  • Magazines and Newspapers have always been a popular place for companies to advertise their products and offer a voucher too. Keep an eye out for them in all the publications you buy. I have noticed quite a few vouchers in the local free newspapers too. Money off local soft plays, discounts with companies who advertise if you quote a promo code, I've even found a coupon for £5 off at Frankie & Benny's! And The Sun runs a cheap holiday scheme every year, and all you have to do is buy a cheap newspaper to collect the tokens to save £££ on a family holiday!
  • Supermarket promo events - ever seen those stands where they offer you to try their new product? Sometimes they have a small competition running in the background where you get a money-off voucher just for entering! Have a 'junk' email address for things like this. I went to the Flora stand in Asda and came away with a voucher, plus the chance to win a year's food shopping!
  • Check out my article on Baby Freebie sites, as many of these send you coupons in the post to get you to buy their products. Most of them you will need anyway, so why not save in the process?
  • Loyalty card schemes, such as the Boots Advantage Card and Tesco Clubcard send you regular mailings, often containing fantastic offers! Boots have sent me vouchers for money off, and also bonus points with purchase, and Tesco send mainly money off coupons through. Sign up and get yourself a piece of the action.
  • Have you ever noticed that everyone wants you to complete a Customer Satisfaction survey these days? As an incentive, a lot of them offer a prize draw, but more and more are offering money off vouchers, such as £5 off your bill next time you eat there. Keep an eye. For just a few minutes of your time, you can save a little on the luxuries you enjoy. You could even treat the other half to dinner out! Just make sure he/she goes to the bathroom while you sneakily pay the bill ;) nobody ever has to know.....
  • Searching online for discount codes and e-vouchers is becoming ever more popular. Why not browse forums too, such as those on MoneySavingExpert. The only disadvantage is that sometimes, these are not still valid. But, you win some and lose some. But you'll never know at all unless you have a mooch! If you are after something in particular, for example, a new TV, search 'TV discount code' and see what Google spurns up!

Can you think of anywhere else you have found voucher codes and coupons? Let me know via so we can share our knowledge! Happy shopping!