Earn More....For Your Opinion!

23/05/2012 19:13

Paid surveys are a fantastic way of topping up income. Finding a site that actually pays out can be very very difficult though! Some set ridiculous targets, some 'screen-out' after the first question, making it impossible for you to earn anything, and some just don't have enough surveys going to make it worth your while!

I, however, found a fantastic site around 18 months ago, that really is worth your time!

Valued Opinions is its name. They have a £10 cash-in threshold, and almost every day there is a new survey to take, paying anything from 50p upto £2, and occasionally beyond; what's not to love? The surveys are clear, easy to complete, and vary in topic and length, but the longer the survey, the higher the reward. Once you hit £10 (which doesn't take very long and a committed user could probably do in around 2 weeks) you can cash it in for a voucher from one of 20 of their partners, including M&S, Argos, Boots, Sainsbury's, Outfit, Topshop/Topman and a few charities too, for those who like to give back. If you recommend a friend who then signs up and completes a survey, you get paid £1 for that. So ladies and gents, that half an hour that you spend sitting wondering what to do, why not spend a little time, AND get paid for it! 

Have you found a good paid survey site? Or maybe just a quick easy way to earn a few pennies? Drop me an email at moneysavingmummy@gmail.com or post in our forum!